Lindstrøm feat. Jenny Hval

Every once in a while you hear a track that’s hypnotizing and mesmerizing. “Bungl (Like A Ghost)” by Oslo based producer (Hans Peter) Lindstrøm is such a track.

With spoken-word like whispered vocals by Jenny Hval and the dry beats and hi-hats, it’s kind of a weird and offbeat track. It’s an energising jam, with randomly placed jazzy piano bits.

I like the turn-over point at 04:30, transforming into a long outro (which actually mixes into the album’s next track “Under Trees”). It was Lindstrøm’s intention that this album, It’s Alright Between Us as It Is, were to be treated as a single piece of music, with nine continuously sequenced tracks.

He obviously is no newcomer as he’s one of the pillars of the whole ‘spacey Nordic-disco’ sound this past decade, together with producers like Prins Thomas, Diskjokke and of course Todd Terje.





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