Jadu Heart – Ezra’s Garden

The mysteriously masked boy-girl duo (Dina and Faro) from the UK have just released their second EP titled ‘Ezra’s Garden’. It features the spacy “Ocra” and uptempo funky “Late Night”.

They make glitchy electronica, which you’ll love when you’re into artists like Vondelpark or Jam City.

Even though they’re quite young they have a strong vision. They’ve worked together with creative director Jack Headford for the EP artwork, website and video for “Late Night”.

Earlier this year they’ve released their first EP ‘Wanderflower’.

Recently they’ve signed to Mura Masa’s label Anchor Point who will be having them as a support act on his upcoming European tour. On November 12 they’ll play Annabel in Rotterdam.

What to expect? They were playing this year’s The Great Escape Festival in Brighton last May. I personally didn’t get to see them but a friend of mine did and said they were highly enjoyable, though still a bit shy as performers. But no doubt they’ve grown and gotten more experienced since then.






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