Com Truise – Iteration

Yes! We’re back from a short holiday and right on time for Com Truise’s new album Iteration.

It’s the third full-length album by the producer who’s real name is Seth Haley and the follow-up to 2011’s Galactic Melt and 2012’s In Decay. Although that last one was actually a compilation of unreleased material so this is basically his first album in 6 years!

This album marks the final chapter of the sci-fi space adventure which a synthetic astronaut named “Com Truise” embarks on. So technically this is more of a chronological follow-up to 2014’s Wave 1 EP and 2016’s Silicon Tare EP which both explored that storyline.

What to expect if you’ve never heard any of his music before? Com Truise is well known for his synth-heavy and 80’s/retro influenced electronic sound.
One of our favorite tracks is still “Memory”, which was already released as a single back in April. Also check out “Isostasy”.







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