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Remember JUCE? The funky pop/R&B group that took us back to the days when TLC and the likes used to rule the airwaves? (Even their music videos were styled like they were a group of the 90’s).
The group unfortunately fell apart when lead singer Chalin Barton moved out to Hawaii. (Chalin says the band had already broken up months beforehand).

Remaining members Georgia Lee and Cherish Kaya (who’s also founded Kaya Kaya Records) continued making music and so Common Body was born. Their first release is “Luck of the Draw” which is just as groovy and poppy as their former band. It was (co)produced by Andrew Hale who you might also know as a member of Sade’s band.

And it won’t be the last person they will collaborate with. As the duo explained, JUCE was a 3-person thing, Common Body is more of a collaborative project with rotating guest members. “One of the reasons we called it Common Body was the idea of a body, all these different parts come in—you can switch them around—and doing a big group vocal,”






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