Clock Opera – Whippoorwill (NZCA/Lines remix)

Clock Opera’s new album ‘Venn’ will be released on February 10th. It is said to be more gloomy than its predecessor ‘Ways to Forget’. Singer Guy Connely said: “A lot of the album is about loss, absence, holes, haunting, questioning identity. To be specific, the majority of the songs were inspired by a miscarriage. A lot of the others were driven by the fallout from it.”

Hauntingly beautiful single “Whippoorwill” was released in October. One New England legend says the whippoorwill (bird) can sense a soul departing, and can capture it as it flees.
The song “In Memory” was released before that and “Changeling” was even released over a year ago.

More recently they released a “Bass desires” remix by NZCA/Lines, which is up as a free download on their Soundcloud page.





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