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  • Vrwrts indefinite hiatus

    Vrwrts indefinite hiatus

    Unfortunately I’ve decided to put Vrwrts (the blog) on indefinite hiatus. I no longer can find the time or motivation to continue writing posts on a regular basis (partly due to focusing on my webdesign company Louder Webdesign). Maybe a post will appear now and then, but it definitely won’t be weekly or even monthly. […]



    We’ve been wanting to do a post on DOOXS for a while now, but we were waiting on new material after the release of their first single “Nude”, which was released last May. But now it’s here: “Dirt” was premiered a few days ago. The Rotterdam based minimal electronic ‘Producer & vocalist duo’ (Djoeke on […]

  • Lapalux, Addison Groove and more

    Lapalux, Addison Groove and more

    This Saturday (October 1st) the third edition of “A Festival Downtown” will take place in the city centre of Rotterdam. The festival focuses on (experimental) electronic music. Besides a lot of local names (Victim Victim for example) the festival has booked acts like Lapalux (UK), Addison Groove (UK), IGLOOGHOST (UK) and more. Yep, that’s a […]

  • Upcoming November shows in Rotterdam

    Upcoming November shows in Rotterdam

    It looks like Rotterdam is finally attracting more touring artists. REC. is a new festival by MTV and the team behind venue Annabel. It’s a two-day festival taking place on Friday 4 and Saturday 5 November in and around Annabel (plus Perron re-opens just for this festival). It has a lineup of interesting artists with […]

  • Crying Boys Cafe

    Crying Boys Cafe

    [:en]It’s time for a post on a Rotterdam based band! A few weeks ago Crying Boys Cafe (describing themselves as “Bringing chimes back into soul and gospel back into pop”) released a groovy new gospel-inspired song titled “I Was A Singer”. Jasper Hupkens is that singer and his style at times reminds me of Deptford […]

  • Victim Victim

    Victim Victim

    [:en]Maurice and Aafke (as Afka) have been making music separately but since last year they’ve been working together as Victim Victim. They draw influences from acts like Zola Jesus, Kate Boy, TR/ST and even Gabber. On 28 january of this year they’ve released their first self-released EP ‘Cathedral Floods’ containing 4 electropop tracks. Or ‘darkhouse’, […]

  • Sevdaliza


    [:en]This girl is going places! I first heard of this Rotterdam based singer-songwriter when the video for “Clear Air” came out last year. I had that song on repeat for a good while. I loved that beat in combination with the dark synths and the refrain got stuck in my head. She’s finally released her […]