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  • Jo Marches – Breaks My Heart

    Jo Marches – Breaks My Heart

    Jo Marches, the Utrecht based electro-pop band fronted by singer-songwriter Johanneke Kranendonk, have just released the first track of their second EP. “Breaks My Heart” is more uptempo and gloomier than their previous releases but once again one of those tracks you can put on repeat. Debut EP Silver & Gold was released one year […]

  • Luwten


    You might know Tessa Douwstra from indie-folk band Orlando or as a member of creative collective Wooden Saints, but with her latest soloproject Luwten she takes a step into a more electronic direction. She’s a great songwriter as “Go Honey” and “Indifference” both illustrate. Songs that stay calm and minimal yet get into your head […]

  • David Douglas – Highway of Love

    David Douglas – Highway of Love

    Dutch producer David Douglas releases new tracks before the launch of his new album ‘Spectators Of The Universe’ which will be out on 24 March. “Highway of Love” is one of them and it is absolutely addictive with its warm grooves and spacey atmosphere. The artwork with its colors reminds me a bit of Caribou’s […]

  • The Ultraverse – Silent Call

    The Ultraverse – Silent Call

    The Ultraverse has a connection to Rotterdam: Huub van Loon studied Jazz and graduated in the field of pop music on the conservatory of Rotterdam. The sound of The Ultraverse can be described as dark and electronic, yet it’s obvious there’s a love for pop music as well. Huub is inspired by groundbreaking artists like […]

  • CUT_ – Undertow

    CUT_ – Undertow

    Dutch electronic duo CUT_ rose to fame two years ago with their cover of Stromae’s “Papaoutai” but have proven they can perfectly write songs of their own. After their EPs ‘Patterns’ (2014) and ‘Chapter I’ (2015) the Amsterdam based act (Belle Doron, Sebastiaan Dutilh) are now finally releasing new material after signing with [PIAS]. Some […]



    We’ve been wanting to do a post on DOOXS for a while now, but we were waiting on new material after the release of their first single “Nude”, which was released last May. But now it’s here: “Dirt” was premiered a few days ago. The Rotterdam based minimal electronic ‘Producer & vocalist duo’ (Djoeke on […]



    LGTHNNG were just announced as Låpsley’s support act on the 29th of September in LantarenVenster, Rotterdam. Quick introduction: LGHTNNG (“lightning” of course) are an electropop trio from Groningen. They’ve released their debut EP “Nights Change Days” and more recently the single “Keep It Together”. I believe there’s more new material coming up soon

  • Weval – Weval

    Weval – Weval

    [:en]You probably already know these guys, they have gotten a fair amount of positive attention lately. Not only here in The Netherlands but also internationally, for example this review by Pitchfork. The album (that came out this week) is so good that we had to do a feature on them. Quick bite of info: Weval […]

  • Amber Arcades

    Amber Arcades

    [:en]Even though this blog focuses on the more electronic side of music, we still love us some indie-rock (with some electronic elements). Especially when it’s by a Dutch artist who’s doing really well internationally. “Amber Arcades is the moniker of Dutch musician Annelotte de Graaf. Having written and recorded songs in a solo setting forsome […]

  • Sevdaliza – The Valley

    Sevdaliza – The Valley

    [:en]Sevdaliza releases new single “The Valley” and announces upcoming EP titled “Children of Silk”, out on November 18. Watch the interesting video, directed by photographer Zahra Reijs. The song sounds a bit different than her previous work, the beat and feel of the song remind us of “The Fragile” an album by Nine Inch Nails. […]

  • [:en]Klyne – Entropy[:nl]Klyne[:]

    [:en]Klyne – Entropy[:nl]Klyne[:]

    [:en]We wrote about these guys before back 6 months ago, when they were still known as ‘Nick Klein’. This electronic singer-songwriter/producer duo (Nick Klein and Ferdous Dehzad) from Eindhoven recently signed to Aesop, the British label which other releases include work by SOHN and TĀLĀ. They’re clearly headed towards more international exposure, hence the name […]

  • Cloak


    [:en]We are proud to introduce Cloak, a Dutch producer duo consisting of Jeroen Dirrix and Martijn Jorissen. Both used to play in Eindhoven band Fourteen Twentysix and have made several tracks together throughout the years, but decided to really go for it with their collaborative electronic project Cloak. Their sound is a combination between Jeroen’s […]

  • Tears & Marble

    Tears & Marble

    [:en]This The Hague based electronic pop duo, Bella Hay (yes, if you’re Dutch; she is the daughter from) and Cris Kuhlen, have released their ‘Romance’ EP last year. Their sound is atmospheric, dark and dreamy. Their moody mysterious cover of Haddaway’s “What is Love” introduced them to blogs and critics worldwide a year ago. On […]

  • Crying Boys Cafe

    Crying Boys Cafe

    [:en]It’s time for a post on a Rotterdam based band! A few weeks ago Crying Boys Cafe (describing themselves as “Bringing chimes back into soul and gospel back into pop”) released a groovy new gospel-inspired song titled “I Was A Singer”. Jasper Hupkens is that singer and his style at times reminds me of Deptford […]

  • Nick Klein

    Nick Klein

    [:en]There are numerous acts with the same name but this post is about the Dutch electronic pop duo from Eindhoven with a debut EP on the way. The tracks “Paralyzed” and “Break Away” sure sound promising and remind me a bit of Ben Khan and Oceaán. They also had a cover of Feist’s “There’s a […]

  • Victim Victim

    Victim Victim

    [:en]Maurice and Aafke (as Afka) have been making music separately but since last year they’ve been working together as Victim Victim. They draw influences from acts like Zola Jesus, Kate Boy, TR/ST and even Gabber. On 28 january of this year they’ve released their first self-released EP ‘Cathedral Floods’ containing 4 electropop tracks. Or ‘darkhouse’, […]

  • Sevdaliza


    [:en]This girl is going places! I first heard of this Rotterdam based singer-songwriter when the video for “Clear Air” came out last year. I had that song on repeat for a good while. I loved that beat in combination with the dark synths and the refrain got stuck in my head. She’s finally released her […]