Utrecht 2012 by Katie Palmer


This London based producer/songwriter-singer/DJ (James McIntosh) has named himself after the Dutch city Utrecht, ain’t that nice?
In an old interview he said about his choice for the name: “I think I liked the idea that Utrecht is pretty much like some of the provincial towns and cities of England (like Kingston-upon-Thames, where I’m from). But because it’s in the Netherlands, it seems somehow more exotic than all that. And then the music I was making fitted that ethos; that blend of the familiar and the foreign. I also heard a track by EODcalled “Utrecht” around the same time, and I thought it was too good to not be put to use as my stage name.”

James has been active since 2012 when he released the track “UPC” and describes his sound as “music for outer London nights”. Right now he’s preparing for the release of a new EP titled ‘Next Time’. He has released two refreshing electronic pop songs so far, “Lately” and “Élan Vital”.





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