Why have I never written about one of my favorite producers before? His latest EP Hush now brings me the opportunity.
Tourist (real name William Philips) is a UK based producer with a danceable UK sound with hints of Garage and pop. I like that he has radio-friendly tracks but never gets too commercial sounding or bland. Instead, his tracks are interesting and quite layered.

His latest “We Stayed Up All Night” is a perfect example of that. “Hush” is another lovely instrumental track. His collaboration with singer JONES sounds like ‘just one of those collaborations’ on paper, but it turns out their track “Apart” is totally different than you expected.
All three tracks can be found on his Hush EP.

I got introduced to Tourist thanks to his song “I Have No Fear” when it came out in 2013. To date it’s still one of my favorites and I believe it’s one of his own favorite songs as well.

His debut 2016 debut album U was excellent too, which contains one of my other favorites “To Have You Back”.

And as a bonus track, one of my favorite Tourist remixes:





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