Terror Jr

Terror Jr is a mysterious anonymous trio from the USA and we don’t have a lot of more info than that. Their debut song “3 Strikes” was apparently used for a Kylie Jenner ad and has hit 2 million hits so far on Soundcloud. There actually is this theory going around that it’s Kylie herself that’s started a music career. And apparently the producers behind Kiiara (Felix Snow and David aka Campa) are responsible for the music (which seems logical as they have a similar sound).

“Sugar” is however the song that really did it for me. It’s as sweet as the title suggests but this quirky, glitchy pure pop song really gets in your head and has this addictive quality, just like sugar. It’s one of my Spring/Summer favorites so far.

Some days ago they released “Trippin” and even though it’s good, it doesn’t beat Sugar. And is that some The XX sample I? Hmm.






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