Nabihah Iqbal

Nabihah Iqbal is a London based producer formerly known as Throwing Shade. Under her old moniker she released various EP’s like Fate Exclusive (2015) which featured the lovely “Mirror” or last year’s House of Silk EP which featured “Marble Air”.

Now, under her birth name she has just released her debut album Weighing Of The Heart out on Ninja Tune.
Her sound always was heavily influenced by the 80’s, but with her full-length it has shifted more towards a new-wave and krautrock inspired sound. It features more live instrumentation and more guitar-focused songs.

“Iqbal has chosen to release the album under her birth name in a move to embrace her British Asian identity and to reflect her shift in a different direction musically. “

Really good if you ask me. Listen to single “Something More” and album tracks “Eternal Passion” and “Zone 1 to 6000”.






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