LA Priest

LA Priest

[:en]LA Priest is the new project of musician Sam Dust. Sam is a former band member of Late Of The Pier, who you might remember from their 2008 critically acclaimed release “Fantasy Black Channel”. LA Priest sounds even quirkier than Late Of The Pier. He’s recently released the tracks “Oino” and “Party Zute / Learning To Love” and now there is “Lorry Park”.

His debut album “Inji” will be released 29th of June on Domino.

[:nl]LA Priest is het nieuwe project van muzikant Sam Dust. Sam is een voormalig bandlid van Late Of The Pier, die je wellicht kent van hun in 2008 uitgebrachte album “Fantasy Black Channel” die destijds goede recensies kreeg. LA Priest klinkt zelfs nog eigenzinniger dan Late Of The Pier. Onlangs bracht hij de nummers “Oino” en “Party Zute / Learning To Love” uit en nu is daar “Lorry Park”.

Zijn debuutalbum “Inji” zal op 29 Juni verschijnen via Domino.






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