[:en]It’s been two weeks since the release of Kelela’s “Hallucinogen” EP so we had time to let it all sink in.

Quick introduction: Kelela is an American R&B singer based in LA. However on her early releases, the sound she went for was more UK based. One of her early, important, features was on “Bank Head” a track by UK producer Kingdom released in 2013. Shortly after, she released a mixtape called “Cut 4 Me”, on which she worked with Kingdom again along with various other producers like Bok Bok, Jam City, Girl Unit and Nguzunguzu. She also did a lot of guest features on tracks. One of the most interesting was her working with Adam Bainbridge better known as Kindness, on his album ‘Otherness’.

Kingdom and Nguzunguzu return for her latest EP, but she also brings in Arca, Gifted & Blessed and Kendrick and Drake collaborator DJ Dahi. She also did some co-producing. The EP is soulful, sensual and bass heavy, with interesting beats and synth lines. Kelela’s vocals however stealing the show.

Not all songs are entirely new, “The High” (Gifted & Blessed) was already released in 2014 and “A Message” (Arca) was released as a teaser earlier this year in March. “Rewind” (Kingdom / Nugget) was released as a single in September and has this addictive 90’s vibe and drumbeat.

Our personal favorite however is “All The Way Down” (DJ Dahi), which is one hell of a sexy anthem. ‘Is my head in the way? / Cause my heart can’t explain / Where we going now? / Build it up, we tear down / Cared before but baby / Now I don’t give a fuck’ she sings.

Give it a listen yourself:

Hallucinogen EP


A Message[:nl]Nederlandse versie komt er aan![:]






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