Blood Cultures

Blood Cultures is an anonymous producer/multi-instrumentalist from New Jersey, USA. His first track “Indian Summer” was released in 2013 followed by singles “Mercury Child” and “Meavy Hetal”.

Soon after, the producer kind of disappeared to only reappear again two years later with “Scene From A Midnight Movie”. No other music followed.

Until last June when “Moon” appeared online! He did finally release his debut album Happy Birthday last month and it was worth the wait.

“Happy Birthday has actually been ready for a few years now. Originally, I only sent it to a few people who had previously really cared; those that had reached out to me on Bandcamp asking to hear more music.

Don’t let the artist’s name fool you, Blood Cultures’ sound is breezy, dreamy, warm and catchy electronic-pop. Just listen to the songs below:





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