Bevan. is a Brighton based producer and multi-instrumentalist who has been releasing music (under this moniker) for two years now. His third EP titled Love Eternal will be released soon and “Coming for You” (featuring Holly Moore) is the latest single. It features back and forth singing between Bevan and Holly over an energetic beat, a warped sample of a guitar lick and even the sound of a xylophone and other sweet sounding instruments.



He produces a unique and upbeat sound with lots of layers and interesting choice of instruments. If we must compare it to something, it is somewhat simliar to the likes of Jadu Heart and Mura Masa. The guitar plays a more prominent role on this EP than on previous releases as can also be heard on “Night Hour” (featuring Holly Moore as well). The lovely tropical “What Am I To Do” (featuring Tequisha) is also part of the EP.



A nice little visual preview of the new EP:





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