It’s time for a post on some powerful Pop! Andro, a Liverpool born but now London based singer/songwriter, recently released “Afterlife”. It’s the follow-up to “When The Alarm Calls”. You might recognise Andro as he has toured the world with electro-funk band Jungle (can’t wait to hear some new music guys!).

“Afterlife” can be described as ‘purgatorial power pop rock’ and that is quite accurate. Just listen to its’ chorus and get ready to sing-along wherever you are.

His style brings to mind Dev Hynes/Blood Orange. And I’m not saying music wise; the sound is different, although both have obviously been influenced by the 80’s.
In Andro’s lyrics, sound and visuals you’ll see a subtle play on breaking down and neutralising the stigma surrounding masculinity and femininity. Smashing the stereotype of what it means to be a Black/Mixed Race male Artist in this era of social norm and expectancy.






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