• Vrwrts indefinite hiatus

    Vrwrts indefinite hiatus

    Unfortunately I’ve decided to put Vrwrts (the blog) on indefinite hiatus. I no longer can find the time or motivation to continue writing posts on a regular basis (partly due to focusing on my webdesign company Louder Webdesign). Maybe a post will appear now and then, but it definitely won’t be weekly or even monthly. […]

  • Nabihah Iqbal

    Nabihah Iqbal

    Nabihah Iqbal is a London based producer formerly known as Throwing Shade. Under her old moniker she released various EP’s like Fate Exclusive (2015) which featured the lovely “Mirror” or last year’s House of Silk EP which featured “Marble Air”. Now, under her birth name she has just released her debut album Weighing Of The […]

  • Ruthven – Evil / Fabiano Palladino – Mystery

    Ruthven – Evil / Fabiano Palladino – Mystery

    Last time we wrote about Jai and A.K. Paul we were glad they were back and they were just starting with their “Paul Institute”, which is somewhat like a label. But then it went quiet again for a year and a half.. Until two weeks ago when two tracks appeared by two separate London based […]

  • Eefje de Visser – Wakker (ZES Remix)

    Eefje de Visser – Wakker (ZES Remix)

    Eefje de Visser’s second full length Nachtlicht came out in 2016 but recently she’s been releasing remixes of tracks of that same album. The latest is an excellent dark and dreamy remix of “Wakker” by Dutch producer ZES. No more words needed, just listen:

  • Tourist


    Why have I never written about one of my favorite producers before? His latest EP Hush now brings me the opportunity. Tourist (real name William Philips) is a UK based producer with a danceable UK sound with hints of Garage and pop. I like that he has radio-friendly tracks but never gets too commercial sounding […]

  • Petit Biscuit

    Petit Biscuit

    French producer Petit Biscuit has a new album out. It features collaborations with Lido and Panama amongst others. Presence, as the album’s titled, is the follow-up to a bunch of singles and 2016’s self-titled EP. “Sunset Lover” was a hugely successful track taken from that EP. Mehdi Benjelloun is the producer’s real name and he […]

  • Lindstrøm feat. Jenny Hval

    Lindstrøm feat. Jenny Hval

    Every once in a while you hear a track that’s hypnotizing and mesmerizing. “Bungl (Like A Ghost)” by Oslo based producer (Hans Peter) Lindstrøm is such a track. With spoken-word like whispered vocals by Jenny Hval and the dry beats and hi-hats, it’s kind of a weird and offbeat track. It’s an energising jam, with […]

  • Gabriel Garzón-Montano

    Gabriel Garzón-Montano

    Gabriel Garzón-Montano’s popularity got an enormous boost when Drake sampled “6 8” for his track “Jungle”. The Brooklyn-born singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist released his latest album (and major-label debut) Jardín earlier this year and its sound is a mixture of modern R&B, funk and ‘neo-soul’. Gabriel grew up in a musical environment as his mom was a classically […]

  • [:en]Everything is Recorded [:nl]Everything is Recorded[:]

    [:en]Everything is Recorded [:nl]Everything is Recorded[:]

    Everything is Recorded is the alias of producer Richard Russell who also happens to be the head of XL Recordings. So he has the right connections for guest appearances right? Earlier this year he released the soulful Close But Not Quite EP which featured Sampha on the title track (in combination with a Curtis Mayfield […]

  • Jo Marches – Breaks My Heart

    Jo Marches – Breaks My Heart

    Jo Marches, the Utrecht based electro-pop band fronted by singer-songwriter Johanneke Kranendonk, have just released the first track of their second EP. “Breaks My Heart” is more uptempo and gloomier than their previous releases but once again one of those tracks you can put on repeat. Debut EP Silver & Gold was released one year […]

  • [:en]Common Body – Luck of the Draw[:nl]Common Body[:]

    [:en]Common Body – Luck of the Draw[:nl]Common Body[:]

    Remember JUCE? The funky pop/R&B group that took us back to the days when TLC and the likes used to rule the airwaves? (Even their music videos were styled like they were a group of the 90’s). The group unfortunately fell apart when lead singer Chalin Barton moved out to Hawaii. (Chalin says the band […]

  • Dwen – Deadard

    Dwen – Deadard

    Dwen are a mysterious London act with a sound drawing influences from acts like Bibio, Cocteau Twins, Jam City, Toro Y Moi, Mount Kimbie, LA Priest.. Sounds good on paper right? Well it does on your speakers as well. They made their debut with two tracks, “Deadard” and “Ponytail”, and they’re both available as a […]

  • Sides


    Up and coming South London duo Sides (RFK and Cleo) have been active since early 2016. They’ve released one EP so far, Bangbang, containing four groovy and catchy 80’s inspired electronic-pop tracks. “Feel Better” and “Do Tell” were released as a 7″ last year. And there’s a lot more new music coming our way! “Make […]



    If you’re saddened by the absence of new material by artists like Jungle and Her maybe you’ll find comfort in the sounds of LEISURE. The Auckland, New Zealand 5-piece band make soulful funk and R&B inspired pop. They released their debut self-titled album last year which featured their breakthrough single “Got It Bad” and the […]

  • Sleep Party People

    Sleep Party People

    Sleep Party People is the project of Danish multi-instrumentalist Brian Batz who released his first album under this name in 2010. The fourth album ‘Lingering’ was released in June and features the singles “The Missing Steps” and “Fainting Spell”. With Brian’s falsetto over dreamy songs with hints of synthpop and shoegaze, Sleep Party People is […]

  • Holiday Party – I’m Still Here

    Holiday Party – I’m Still Here

    [:en]Holiday Party are a Brisbane based indie/electro-pop collective (founded by Luke McDonald and Mel Tickle, recently joined by Scott Bromiley) who released their first single “I’m Still Here” about two months ago. They are no newcomers however, having worked with a lot of Australian acts. Among their influences they name artists like The Avalanches, Beach […]

  • Blood Cultures

    Blood Cultures

    Blood Cultures is an anonymous producer/multi-instrumentalist from New Jersey, USA. His first track “Indian Summer” was released in 2013 followed by singles “Mercury Child” and “Meavy Hetal”. Soon after, the producer kind of disappeared to only reappear again two years later with “Scene From A Midnight Movie”. No other music followed. Until last June when […]

  • Yumi Zouma – Depths (Pt. 1)

    Yumi Zouma – Depths (Pt. 1)

    Ah, Yumi Zouma return with new music! The New-Zealand indie-pop are releasing singles in the build up to ‘Willowbank’, the band’s second full length album (not counting this year’s album in which they cover Oasis’s (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? in its entirety) which will come out on October 6. Yumi Zouma released their first […]